How It Works

How It Works

1. Choose a Bag Style

There are up to 13 styles of bags to choose from for just about any purpose or occasion. If you see a shape or size that intrigues you, take a look. We have provided detailed specifications on size, closure type, and interior design to help you choose the bag that will be right for you.
Our classic collection of handbags are constructed of high-quality, durable micro fiber. This material is extremely durable and perfect for everyday use.

2.  Pick Colors & Options

Trust us on the math here. There are over 2,000 different bags that you can order through our site. In most cases, you can choose the interior color, the trim of the bag (leather vs. microfiber), the closure type (in some cases) and ultimately, the style of the image.


All interiors are made of Bengaline fabric with your choice of black, lime green, red or hot pink on most items.

Trims (Handles & Piping)

We are now offering our customers the opportunity to upgrade to leather handles and piping. We use a high quality black leather with matte finish. (Additional charge $15)

Picture Frame Style

Your picture on one side of your bag comes standard. If you would like to have an image on both sides of the bag, this option is available for an additional $10 to $15 depending on the size of the bag.


Do you like an easy access open top or do you like your possessions a little more secure? Some of our bag styles offer different closure types, so take a look and see what options are available on the style you choose. Typical choices are snap, snap flap or zipper.

3.  Supply an Image

Choose the bag you want to purchase, and pick an appropriate image.   After that, you’re done and can expect your bag to arrive in two to three weeks.

Image Options:


We will artistically crop your image so it works with the proportions of the bag that you've selected. Sometimes the image you send us won't completely fill up the side of the bag that you have selected. In these cases, we will put black borders on the sides to match the black microfiber on the rest of the bag. If you have specific cropping instructions, please write them in free text inside the ”shipping instructions“ box.

Convert Color to Black & White / Sepia

Black & White and Sepia (antique brown) images look great on our bags. Many of our customers prefer this look over color, and the good news is that we can convert your color photo to either of these formats.

Collage additional charge $25 plus $6 per photo

We love creating collages! We'll take multiple images and combine them for a one of a kind bag that tells its own story.