Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The process of creating your custom photo jewelry is simple: choose the jewelry design you would like, with any available options. Then choose and send a high quality photo to me, either by email or USPS, and I will do the rest! You don't need to crop, shrink, or edit your photos, and they can be either in color or black and white; I can make any necessary changes to accommodate the style you chose. And then I will put your photo in your design and ship it on back to you!

How do I get the photos to you?

Emailing is best, as it is the fastest option. Your file should be in a jpeg format, if possible. Just send your photos to: You can also mail them to me through regular old USPS if this is easier for you.

What size photos do I need?

You can use just about any size, up to an 8x12. These photos will be returned to you in their original condition, and will not be harmed. If any cropping is necessary, please allow me to do so. Most will be cropped to show just the face.

What photos work best?

Try to choose pictures that are clear and sharp. Head shots are best, if available. If there is more than one person in the photo, please let me know who you want in the design. Sometimes a photo will not work due to space—it is difficult to fit a large group into a small frame! If your picture will not work, I will contact you to request another.

Can I use a picture from a professional photographer?

Unfortunately, these photos are copyrighted. They can only be used if written permission is obtained by the photographer, which is your responsibility. Most photographers will give permission, some may charge a nominal fee.

What is your shipping policy & how long until I receive my item?

Well, that depends on the time of year! Holidays are busier than other times, and it may take longer, but most items should be received within 2 weeks. I usually ship using the US Postal Service's Priority mail, which takes about 1-3 days once it is shipped. If you are in a hurry, a "Rush" option is available for an extra $25.

Can I special order an item?

Absolutely! If you see something you like but would like a different frame or chain or shape, let me know. Or we can work together to create something new. I love making new things, and would enjoy working with you to create your own treasure.

What is the return policy?

As this is custom made, there are no returns or refunds. However, if something should break or need repair within 30 days of purchase, that can be accommodated.

Can I update or add charms to my design at a later date?

Sure! Single charms will be available if you want to add it yourself, or I will need to have you send the design back to me and I can add or update for a small fee.

How do I care for my jewelry?

First of all, do not get them wet. Although your photos will have some protection, it is best to avoid things like showering or swimming while wearing them. Remove bracelets before washing dishes, or using cleaning products or nail polish remover. These chemicals can break down the metals in your jewelry. Liquid cleaners are not recommended either, as they may remove some of the antiquing that is present in some designs. A silver polishing cloth would be the best thing to buff them with.